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Mixology.com is an online magazine devoted to the art and science of living.

Our mission is to inform, educate and entertain readers about the trends and lifestyles associated with the world of drink.

Mixology.com: the art and science of living

Launched January 30th, 2000, Mixology.com is a new on-line magazine devoted to the Art and Science of Drink. Mixology.com's objective is to be the ultimate lifestyle resource for people between 21 and 35 years of age who are metropolitian, educated and computer literate. They live, work and entertain in a modern cocktail culture. Mixing, masterful cocktails and awesome drink recipes are a click away with Mixology.com.

who we are

Mixology.com is made up of a collective of enthusiastic commentators and designers, reporting the opinions, ideas and trends of today's young professionals. With their broad and diverse knowledge in design and young urban culture, Mixology.com has created a compelling site that will ensure return visitors. We will be the premier Web site of young people who want to be entertained, learn new ideas, discover new trends, and pick up new drink recipes along the way.

what we do

Mixology.com provides its readers a new vehicle of exploring their culture via the Internet and presents its advertisers a direct link to their consumers. Mixology.com recognizes its on-line readers desire to entertain and be entertained. A visit to any city's club, bar and restaurant provides the physical evidence of this cultures need for enjoyment. Mixology.com is the premier on-line comprehensive site of this unique markets need for pleasure and esthetics that reflects their lifestyle. The site provides a mix that encompasses fashion, music, film, literature, humor, industrial design, graphic design, architecture, love and libations.